Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

Peace Talks: Return of the Dresden

Peace Talks!

Sixteen books in and I still love this series. The Dresden Files have been a lot of fun. Also fun is watching Jim Butcher grow as an author and find his voice with this character. There has been a seven-year hiatus between Skin Game and the much anticipate Peace Talks release, set for this summer. A lot of that was because of personal issues Jim has been enduring. I have to wonder if another big part of it isn’t that Mr. Butcher is tired of the character.

Why so long a break?

I heard Gene Simmons asked one time how much he hated “Rock n’ Roll All Nite“. To my surprise, he said he loved

Peace Talks by Jim Butcher

Peace Talks

that song. He went on to say that the song had made his band millions and millions of dollars and he would play it every night until he died. As long as fans still wanted to hear it, he would play it. Amazing. I hope that I can say the same in twenty, thirty, or forty years. Some of my characters are already on my last nerve.

Regardless of the reasons, I am thrilled about Peace Talks. For those uninitiated, the series started with Storm Front and centers around Harry Dresden. Harry is a real wizard living, and working, in modern-day Chicago. He solves crimes and basically helps people. He is a nice guy with cool powers. Despite very strong world-building, Butcher gives Harry a cast of supporting characters that is amazing!

Characters, people

From Karin Murphy, a spunky little Chicago PD cop who is hip to the supernatural, to Michael Carpenter, a literal carpenter and anointed servant of the Almighty Himself, the depth and variety of characters make the series so much fun.

If you haven’t read the Dresden Files I suggest hitting up your local library pronto to catch up before the summer release of Peace Talks. If you are a fan but are wavering on whether to get back on the T-Rex (inside DF joke), I strongly encourage you to pick up one of the books and re-read it. Summer Knight is the one that I think really gets the series moving.

I fully into to do a Bad Book Review for some of Jim Butcher’s stuff in both The Dresden Files and the Codex Alera.

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