Little Merc on the Prairie

The patrol car blasted down an endless gravel road, an impressive dust cloud billowed up behind the car.  A steady chorus of tiny rocks spraying the underside of the car was layered with the constant crunch of gravel beneath the car’s tires. “What am I being charged with?” Ben asked after a few miles.  The […]


DeSmet South Dakota is a perfect picture of American Mid-West.  Very similar to dozens of other communities that surround it, yet utterly unique.  Once the home of the industrious Charles (Pa) Ingalls, and his gifted daughter Laura.  Much of the town centers around the novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder, written about her time growing up […]

A View to A Hog

The air was warm, and dry, and smelled faintly like cow manure and freshly bailed hay.  The sun radiating off of the black asphalt made it seem hotter than the mild temperature would suggest.  From the rental car lot outside the terminal of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport Ben could faintly see the huge farmhouses, […]